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IT security has never been as important as it is today. With hacking tools now widely available and new and more dangerous Malware created daily, businesses need to take every precaution to protect themselves from external as well as internal threats.


Alongside this it is getting easier for employees to copy and remove sensitive data, either using an online service or via USB drives. We understand the evolving nature of such threats, and how best to protect clients from new risks as they arise. Fill in the form on this page to receive a free on-site security audit. We will give you a second opinion on your network security and show you where there is room for improvement, with no obligation.



Our award winning Managed Anti-Virus service constantly checks your servers and desktop PC's. If a potential threat is detected it is quarantined and our technicians are alerted. This means that a trained engineer then makes the decision on how to react to the infection and can judge it within the wider context of your business.


With updates occuring every 3 hours you can be sure you comletely protected from the very latest risks.



Spam emails are on the increase and they are becoming more and more harmul. Most of the virus infections and data loss we see in businesses started with a suspect email. Apart from the time your employees spend deleting unwanted emails, Anti-Spam software can also save costs associated with data loss and down time.


If you already have anti-spam software on your servers this diverts valuable resources away from your employees and needs constant updating and maintenance. Move the task our cloud based Anti-Spam Mail Filter and we block all unwanted emails, viruses and malware before they disrupt your business.



Once you have the right software tools in place, security risks are most likely to happen at the human level. Your staff should be aware of how their actions may compromise your business information.


A simple half day staff training course, coupled with a robust information security policy can close down all potential risk areas. Make sure your company is doing everything it can to protect itself.  Call us to discuss your concerns.







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            Soda did exactly as they said they would. I am extremely happy with the professional service provided by Soda.


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           I now hear regular positive comments about the way Soda solve IT issues with minimum fuss or downtime to business.


Rachelle Atkin, Director, The Yorkshire Marketing Company

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