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We provide essential "on-the-ground" support and bridge that all important gap between your staff and the remote support team who look after your financial management software.


Soda has developed considerable experience in IT support and consultancy services for Financial Services and Independant Financial Advisors. We understand your specific needs for reliability and confidentiality. Our complete IT maintenance plan includes:


Comprehensive support - we monitor your systems remotely which means that we often catch problems before they become major issues.


Telephone support - we have dedicated technicians who are qualified, certified and experienced waiting to solve your issues


Remote support - you call us with a problem and we resolve it by remotely accessing your system - this means we can solve most problems within a couple of minutes.


On-site support – issues that may arise with your systems that we cannot eradicate over the phone or otherwise remote, a technician will visit your premises.


System analysis and auditing - when we take on a contract we always perform a full system audit before hand, if we see potential problem areas we will notify you and provide solutions, this can prevent problems that may have just been waiting to occur. Fill in the form on this page to receive a free on-site security audit. We will give you a second opinion on your network security and show you where there is room for improvement, with no obligation.



Migrating  problem legacy email systems to cloud based email with zero downtime.


New Office Premises. Leave all the technical work to us. We will deliver, install and commission new PCs, printers, telephones and internet connection, and connect you to head office, leaving your free to spend more time marketing your new office.


Remote Access solutions. Completely secure remote working for you and your staff. From just being able to work on emails out of the office to having all resources that are normally at your office desk available at home (or anywhere with an internet connection).


To discuss your requirements call and speak to Matthew 0333 772 0512 or email  


Happy Customers

         Soda proved themselves to be a master at the difficut skill of dealing with phone calls from anxious clients when dealing with me.


I needed to process a mortgage case and print out some documents but my computer was refusing to connect to the internet or the printer.


I was impressed by Soda's ability to guide me through precise instructions over the phone, and get me up and running within a few minutes.


I have no hesitation in recommending Soda to everyone I know.


Peter Bedwell, Bright Financial Services Limited        

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0333 772 0512

         When we contacted Soda your response was immediate and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your extended efforts and the time you spent in resolving and ensuring that our problems had minimal effect on our business.


Norman Deakin, Ridings Financial Planning LLP    

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